Thursday, August 12, 2010

Windows Phone 7 API Wish List

I have a short, but growing, list of ‘MUST HAVE’ capabilities needed in WP7 SDK to create apps that can compete with iPhone and Android:

  1. Live camera and video API
  2. Network interface API down to IP, WPA, WEP protocols

‘Nice to have’, more of a nuisance:

  1. WaitAll() implementation is needed.  One can work around it with WaitAny(), but seriously…

OEMs just do not have enough bodies to create the needed high quality apps to get WP7 apps to 200,000 count to compete with iPhone and Android.  Developers, even those who did Windows Mobile 6.5 apps cannot port many of their applications because of the limitations imposed in the current WP7 Silverlight implementation.

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