Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Magic Quadrant for Software Change and Configuration Management for Distributed Platforms

Gartner recently revised and corrected its previously released “Magic Quadrant” report from the end of March.  Those interested can get the report here:


Not a lot of news regarding IBM Jazz vs. Microsoft TFS comparison in the previous Gartner assessment (MarketScope for Application Life Cycle Management).  The noteworthy item is that Gartner assessed Telelogic products separately from Rational Jazz products, even though Telelogic is part of IBM Rational, at least in theory.  IBM intends to merge the legacy Rational products and Telelogic products into Jazz platform.  It has been challenging to sort out what sets of products do what and what is the future direction for Rational products.  Here are articles and IBM presentations about IBM Rational product roadmaps:




When “Magic Quadrant” report was issued, its evaluation criteria did not include total cost of ownership (TOC) in the product strategy or operations areas.  The TOC would be an important piece of information in assessing new Jazz based products.  For example, what are deployment and support costs related to supporting multiple repositories for ReqPro, ClearQuest, Requirements Composer, Quality Manager, DOORS, and upcoming Jazz products?  What are the support costs of integrating those products?  It seems that IBM Rational placement in the quadrant is more due to the pre-Jazz Rational tools market share than its new products.

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